illuminated coffee company

Shine a little brighter

In summer of 2017 we began roasting our own coffee at The Poughkeepsie Grind. We are a DIY group of individuals, and what better way to compliment our “everything from scratch” attitude than to produce our very own coffee. The Illuminated Coffee Company offers a variety of single-origin coffee sourced from farms that are often both Fair Trade and certified organic. We roast in very small batches to ensure consistency and quality in every cup.


Sumatra - Dark Roast

Sourced from Fair Trade, Organic, family owned cooperatives. Coming from central Sumatra highlands, an island of western Indonesia.

  • Rich, earthy notes of chocolate and cedar.

  • Elevation - 1220 to 1524 meters

  • Milling Process - Wet Hulled


Peru - Medium Roast

For over 50 years, these small-scale farms in central Peru have worked together to progress their communities and product. With their coffee trade, they have built infrastructure, education, and health care services.

  • Smooth and robust with notes of vanilla and chocolate.

  • Elevation - 915 to 1219 meters

  • Milling Process - Fully Washed


Colombia - Medium Roast

Coming from family owned farms in the mountainous western region of Colombia. These farms work together to bring their premium coffee to market in order to improve quality of life for all involved in it’s production.

  • Bright and crisp notes of citrus and caramel.

  • Elevation - 1650 to 2100 meters

  • Milling Process - Fully Washed


Rwanda - Medium Roast

Over 800 small farms in western Rwanda collaborate to continually improve and export quality coffee around the world. They focus on transparency throughout the production and sale to ensure fairness among farmers.

  • Fun and bright with notes of honey and grapefruit.

  • Elevation: 1525 to 2400 meters

  • Milling Process - Fully Washed


Espresso - Blended

Our blend of African and South American coffee to bring a bright and engaging espresso. Great straight up or use for an excellent latte or cappuccino.

  • Bright and robust flavor with notes of caramel and honey.

  • Roasted medium/dark